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Easter Fun

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 12:15 AM

Spring has sprung and its time for some Easter fun. Easter is April 5th and Party Cake is ready with some great ideas to make your Easter celebreation come alive.

1. Easter Vase Centerpiece - This design requires two vases. One smaller vase that will fit inside a larger vase. Fill your outside larger vase with some colorful easter candy and fill your inside smaller vase with some bright easter flowers. This centerpeice will be the talk of your Easter table.


2. Easter table setting - What an egg-sullent party favor and decoration. First clean out the egg by poking a small hole with a needle at the top and bottom of the egg. Slowly make the hole larger until the inside is all cleared out. Wash and rinse the egg to be sure it is clean and let dry. Decorate your egg with color or just glitter. Then use a perminant marker to initial. Thread you flower through the hole at the top and bottom of the egg and place on your table setting for an elegant look.


3. Egg Decorating - Here is an easy way to get perfectly striped eggs without using that wax crayon. Place rubber bands around eggs before coloring. This will make your stripes clean and consistant. For a contemporary look try using multiple rubber bands or different sizes. Decorated eggs always look nice in a vase as well.


4, Jellybean bracelets - Here is a fun favor for kids. You will need jellybeans, stretchy cord, needle and ribbon. First pull the cord tight around wrist to measure. Try not to stretch cord just hold tightly. then tread jellybeans using needle and cord. Be sure to leave enough cord to tie a knot. Decorate with ribbon. These are pretty displayed on a vase or hanging on an easter branch. They can also be napkin holders for your table just by using wire instead or stretchy cord. They are colorful, yummy and fun. 


5. Easter cocktails - Here are some super-cute cocktail that are sure to delight your party guests.


Tip: Sugar the glasses by dipping rim in water then in colored sugar for that perfect presentation. Finish the top with a  pop by adding a peep. All of these can be made without alcohol.



The Easter Bunny


1 Part SVEDKA Clementine Vodka

1 Part Pomegranate Juice

Splash of Cranberry

Splash of Tonic Water


Directions: Mix all ingredients (except for the tonic water) in a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass. Top with tonic water and garnish with a lime wheel.




The Berry Bunny Hop


-2 oz Raspberry Cocoa


-1 oz POM


-1/4 oz Lemon Juice


-1/2 packet sweetener


-2 Blackberries


-2 Raspberries


-Garnish: Blackberries and Raspberries


Directions: Shake all ingredients and strain into a martini glass




Spring Fling


-1 1/2 oz Voli Raspberry Cocoa


-1 oz Fresh lime juice


-1/2 oz Agave Nectar


-Garnish: Mint Sprig


-Glass: Highball



Directions: a mixing tin, add ice, Voli, lime juice, agave and shake. Strain into a fresh rocks glass with ice.




Voli Light Vodka Easter Blue Cotton Tail


-1 1/2 oz Voli Lyte


-10 blueberries


-6 mint leaves


-3 lime wedges


-1 1/2 oz Agave Nectar


-Zico Coconut water




-Muddle lime, mint and blueberries. Add Agave and Voli. Shake and pour all ingredients into a glass.


-Top with coconut water


-Glass: Highball


-Garnish: Lime Wedge


-Approximate Calories: 150 (can sub club soda for coconut water to make it 138 calories


Punchy Pink

1 oz SKYY Infusions Coconut
1 oz SKYY Infusions Pineapple
1 oz Fresh lime juice
½ oz Triple sec
½ oz Cranberry juice
¼ oz Agave nectar

Directions: Mix ingredients in shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass.

6. Easter Bunny Cake - This cake is easy to make and so cute that it  brings a smile to everyone's face.You will need to make an 8" round cake. Cut in half as pictures then frost together. Then cut wedge out for tail. The space below the wedge will be the bunnies head. Place the cut out paper ears in the space. Decorae with frostong then cover with shredded coconut. Decorate face with jelly beans. For an added touch color some shredded coconut with green food coloring then place on the bottom of the tray for grass.


7. Easy Easter Decorating - Here is an easy way to decorate your Easter party. Get a big bang for your buck by usuing different colors of crey paper in different ways. It's a fun and colorful way to decorate that is easy on the budget. Here are some ideas:



8. Cute Easter Egg Chicks - Here is a new way to serve deviled eggs that are more cute than sinful and just as yummy


Egg Chicks Directions:

1.Cut small slice off bottom off egg to flatten it so it will stand.

2.Cut zig zag pattern around middle of egg to look like it cracked open.

3.Remove yolks and place in a bowl.

4.Cut carrot or cheese so that you end up with 6 small triangles to use as beaks.

5.Cut strip off of pickle and then make 12 small squares to use as eyes. You can also use black gel found in your local craft store.

6.Mash yolks with a fork and stir in mayonnaise, pickle relish, and mustard.

7.Salt and pepper, to taste.

8.Mix until consistency is smooth and creamy.

9.Transfer mixture to decorating bag using a star tip or you can use a zippered bag and clip corner for piping.

10.Pipe mixture into cooked egg whites piping until over full to resemble chick head sticking out.

11.Place beaks and eyes in place.

12.Top each with the bottom with its top half.

13.You can optionally shred lettuce to resemble grass to display them.


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