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Mother's Day

Posted on May 5, 2015 at 9:55 AM

Mother's Day is May 10th and Party Cake has the perfect personalized gifts and handmade creations just for Mom. Take a look at these ideas they are sure to please.

1.Baking Canisters

What a great gift for a Mom that loves to bake. These jars are easy to find and the lables are easy to make on your computer. You can find clear lables at your local office supply store. Using your computer look up definitions for what you want to fill your canisters with. Print your lables and stick them on. Fill the canisters..easy as that. You can add small wooden or metal scoops found at your local craft store. Attaching measuring cups, measuring spoons, or family baking recipes is a nice touch.

2. PVC photo vases

These vases are cute and easy. Here is what you need.

3 inch PVC pipe, small hac saw,small wood finished block (Can be found at your local craft store or unfinished wood store), 3"round drill bit and drill, black and white photo copies of photos, hot glue, wood glue contact paper and flowers. First decide how tall you would like your pipes. We suggest to have your tallest fit an 8X10 medium to fit a 5X7 and small to fit a 3X5 then make photo copies of the pictures you would like on your pipes. Cut the pipes to fit the pictures. Drill 3 holes in the wood block, (You can tape the PVC pipes together and glue them to a plastic tray if you don't have a drill or drill bit but be sure you affix your pictures before you tape your pipes) then glue your picture around each pipe. Use wood glue to glue the pipes into the holes of your finished block. use clear contact paper around each picture to protect the paper. Then fill with flowers.

3. Handmade Garden Picks  

For the garden lover these are perfect and easy.

There are a few ways these can be done. You can find picks in your local craft store. There are many ways to decorate these picks. Chalkboard paint the picks and add a chalk pen, burn letters by using a wood burning kit or even perminant marker 

Be sure to display them in a bucket full of soil when giving them to your special mom. You can wrap the entire bucket in cellophane and top it with a giant bow. Adding seed packets is also a very nice touch. Makes a great centerpiece too.


4. Clothspin Container.  

A fun and easy way to display some spring flowers  or scented candles for Mom. Just take a small tuna can and add clothspins. They make a great centerpiece with candles or flowers

5. Snack pots. 

These make a cute desert after a special brunch for Mom.

Here is what you need. Pound cake (frozen or from the store is fine), Jello pudding (you can make your own or just buy it already made), 1 container cool whip, 1 package of oreo cookies, small terricotta pots found at your local craft store and a flower cookie cutter that fits at the bottom of the pot. Silk mum flowers (You can get one bunch that has many blooms on it from your local craft store.

Cut pound cake with cookie cutter and place at the bottom of the pots, Mix Jello pudding with cool whip and fill pots, Crush oreo cookies for the top and add your flower. Serve


6. Wine bottle Vase

This display is easy and a great way to give your Mom some special flowers. Here's what you need: 3 empty wine bottles, string or raffia, duct tape, and flowers. Tape together the 3 wine bottles with one strip of the duct tape, try to cover the wine lables as you do it. Then wrap string or raffia around the bottles tightly to cover the duct tape.  Add water and pretty and unique. Attaching a restaurant gift certificate is a nice touch.

7. Paper Heart

A paper heart is a big bang for your buck. It can be used to top a gift as shown, as a card, or it can be hung up as a decoration.

Here's all you need. 1 piece of cardstock, Pink, brown and red construction paper, ribbon, tape and a hot glue gun. First cut your heart shape out of the cardstock the size you desire your heart to be. Then cut strips of construction paper. Make them different lenghs and widths for a dramatic 3D look. Roll the strips until you get the size you need. The more you roll the bigger the rose. Then tape the roll at the end to hold your flower together. Glue the flower onto the heart shape. Tip- Place your large flowers on first then squeeze in the smaller ones. Hot glue your ribbon to the back to make a hanging if you desire.

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