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4th of July

Posted on June 30, 2015 at 12:10 AM

We are coming upon the 4th of July and Party Cake has some great easy and quick ideas for your celebration.

1. Ribbon Shakers

For fun for the parade, picnic and at even the fireworks that night try these easy ribbon shakers. Here's what you need. Duct tape, large dowel and different sizes and texture ribbon. (cloth ribbon, curling ribbon, wide foil ribbon etc.) You can find a wide selection at your local craft store be creative. Cut the ribbon all the same length and lay out on top of one another. Tape your dowel to the ribbon. Then fold and tape all around the dowel. Be sure you tape just below the bottom of the ribbon. Then shake in the fourth. These look great in a vase with red, white and blue candy as your centerpiece...really cute.

2. Crispy Treats

These treats are easy and fun for the whole family. Make your rice crispie square recipe (The recipe can be found on the rice crispie box)

Stars: Cut out the stars with star cookie cutter. Gently push each star onto a lollipop stick (Pop sticks are sold in packages at your local craft store) Pipe white frosting on each star in lines and cover with red and blue sprinkles. yummo

Firecrackers: Roll the rice crispie treats into large cylinder. Cut out same size cyliners for base. Melt chocolate wafers (found in many different colors and flavors at your local craft store) Chocolate dip top of each cyliner. Cover with red, white and blue spinkles and stick a licorice piece for the top. I added a star garland as well found at my local dollar store.

3. Zip Tie Fireworks

A great decoration that can be hung or placed on the table. Here's what you will need...Multi-color zip ties and multi-lengths. Try to choose as many colors and as many different lengths as you can to make a colorful visual display. Start with a white or clear zip tie and make a ring. Then add your ties to the ring as about an inch apart. Fun and easy to make. The more you make the prettier your display.

4. Water Bottle decoration

Here is an easy way to decorate for your next 4th of July party. just take the lable off of your water bottles and replace them with small flags.(flags are sold just about everywhere this time of year but you can get a wide variety of sizes at your local craft store) Plastic flags or cloth flags work the best. You can also use large ribbon but I would not recommend printing the pattern because it will not hold up to the water.

5. Denim Pocket Decoration

Here's a cute way to hold your silverware for your next 4th of July party. Just cut the denim pockets off of an old pair of jeans and you have an instant decoration that your guests can grab and talk about all day. (If you need to get your hands on more than one pair of old jeans try your local thrift store)

6. Star Gazing

This is a quick and easy decoration for your lawn. Here is what you need....Star stencil, sifter and flour. Take your star stencil (you can make one out of cardboard or you can find them already made at your local craft store.) place down randomly on your grass. Sift the flour over your stencil until all the star is white. This idea is biodegradable and safe and will wash away in the next rain or with garden hose to make for easy clean up. Make the stars come out in the bright of the day for your 4th.

7. Lantern Flower Holder

Here is an easy trick that will light your 4th of July night. Just place a small red, white and blue lantern (found at your local craft store) over a small vase and fill vase with flowers.(If you don't have a vase you can use wet foam and plastic wrap) Place under water lights in vase to light up your night. These are small so use more than three to make an impact.

8. Stuffed Red,white and Blue Strawberries

This idea with really be loved by all. They will pop in your guests mouths fast so be sure to make enough. First make your filling by mixing one 8oz package of cream cheese with 1 cup of sugar. Then cut a cross in the top of the strawberry. spread enough to be able to fill with cream cheese mixture. Fill each strawberry and top with spray whip cream and one blueberry. Serve chilled.

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