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Summer Birthday Parties

Posted on August 4, 2015 at 11:20 AM

August is Summer Birthday Month here at Party Cake and if you have a Summer Birthday coming up and are not sure what to do...we have the ideas for you!


1. Easy Snowball Treats

These are easy....just take powdered donut holes and stick them on pretty forks...perfect treats for your frozen fans.

2. Elsie Icicles

This will take a little melting...You will need blue Jolly rancher hard candy. Place all candy into double boiler and stir until melted then pour very hot candy onto wax paper and let cool. Be sure candy is flat while drying. Then break apart into icicle shapes.

3. Olaf Stuffy

Here is a fun keepsake for your Frozen fan...You will need pillow stuffing (found at your local craft store) Black pipe cleaners, Black pom poms, Google eys, Black, white and orange construction pape. Shape stuffing into three sections bottom middle and head. Then shape smaller round balls for the feet. Glue together middle, bottom and feet so it will stand alone. Shape pipe cleaners to make arms and hands. Glue poms and pipe cleaners to base. Cut out mouth, tooth and nose and glue face and eyes to head. Add pipe cleaners for eyes and hair. A decorative mat can be made by using snow cover found usually at Christmas time for decorations.

MINIONS - Despicable Me

1. Minion Cake

Using Fondant:

yellow, black, silver and pink fondant for this one. Easy if your good with fondant.

Using Frosting:

Color yellow for base, silver for eyes and black for mouth. Glue with frosting 3"black ribbon around cake for the strap. Eyes: silver first then white then black.

2. Minion Bubbles

 These are fun...for your minion fan. Here is what you need:

Yellow, medium sized bottles of bubbles. (found at your local craft or party store)  Blue duct tape, Googly eyes, Hot glue gun and glue sticks Black, Silver and Red Sharpie


The first step to make your Minion Bubble Party Favors is to remove the wrapper from the bottles. Most of our wrappers came off pretty easy, but a few had some stubborn glue. Then wrap the bottom part of the bottle in blue duct tape. Depending on what size your bottle is, will determine how tall you want the “pants” to be. Since duct tape is SO STICKY, I literally wrapped the tape around and then cut it so the tape barely overlapped. Glue the eyes on then decorate with sharpies. Silver around the eyes and black for the hair straps and mouth. Red for a tounge here and there. Let the bubble fun begin!

3. Quick silver decoration

Here is what you need: Google eyes, washers (found at your local harware store) Yellow paper and black shiney paper (found at your local craft store in the scapbooking section) Glue, blue napkins and yellow silverware. Glue washer to goole eye. Cut yellow and black paper into strips. Yellow should be about 1 inch and black should be 1/4 inch. Glue black strip onto yellow. Glue eye for the center. Wrap blue napkin around yellow silverware. Wrap paper strip around napkin and glue eye to paper strip. Fun and easy.


1. Hello Kitty Treats


These are easy and fun. Make Rice Crispie Treats (recipe found on Rice Crispee Box) Cut out using circle cutter. Cut out triangle for ears. Glue on using frosting. Add two red mini M&M's for the bow and mini chocolate chips for the eyes and nose.

2. Treat cones

Pink and white colored paper. Wrap in cone shape and stick into foam board in a hello kitty tray covered with popped corn cereal.

3 Hello Kitty treat bags


All of this is paper cut out onto white gift bags (found at your local party store) These are easy to make and will save you money. With a little planning and some glue they will go together in no time.


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